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Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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oCcom_elliptical_kerns_omegaKernel for azimuth angle integration of elliptical models
oCcom_elliptical_kerns_rhoKernel for rho angle integration of elliptical models
oCcom_radial_kerns_omegaKernel for azimuth angle integration of radial models
oCcom_radial_kerns_rhoKernel for rho angle integration of radial models
oCcta_irf_diffuse_kern_phiKernel for IRF azimuth angle integration of the diffuse source model
oCcta_irf_diffuse_kern_thetaKernel for IRF offest angle integration of the diffuse source model
oCcta_irf_elliptical_kern_omegaKernel for ellitpical model azimuth angle IRF integration
oCcta_irf_elliptical_kern_rhoKernel for elliptical model zenith angle integration of IRF
oCcta_irf_radial_kern_omegaKernel for radial model azimuth angle IRF integration
oCcta_irf_radial_kern_rhoKernel for radial model zenith angle integration of IRF
oCcta_nedisp_kernIntegration kernel for nedisp() method
oCcta_npsf_kern_rad_azsymIntegration kernel for npsf() method
oCcta_nroi_diffuse_kern_phiKernel for Nroi azimuth angle integration of diffuse model
oCcta_nroi_diffuse_kern_thetaKernel for Nroi offest angle integration of diffuse model
oCcta_nroi_elliptical_kern_omegaKernel for azimuth angle Nroi integration of elliptical model
oCcta_nroi_elliptical_kern_rhoKernel for zenith angle Nroi integration of elliptical model
oCcta_nroi_radial_kern_rhoKernel for zenith angle Nroi integration of radial model
oCcta_psf_diffuse_kern_deltaKernel for Psf delta angle integration used for stacked analysis
oCcta_psf_diffuse_kern_phiKernel for Psf phi angle integration used for stacked analysis
oCcta_psf_radial_kern_deltaKernel for Psf delta angle integration used for stacked analysis
oCcta_psf_radial_kern_omegaKernel for radial model azimuth angle integration
oCcta_psf_radial_kern_phiKernel for Psf phi angle integration used for stacked analysis
oCcta_psf_radial_kerns_deltaKernel for radial spatial model PSF delta angle integration
oCcta_psf_radial_kerns_phiKernel for radial spatial model PSF phi angle integration
oCcta_roi_radial_kern_omegaKernel for azimuth angle Nroi integration of radial model
oCGApplicationGammaLib application interface definition
oCGApplicationParApplication parameter class
oCGApplicationParsApplication parameter container class
oCGArfAuxiliary Response File class
oCGBaseInterface class for all GammaLib classes
oCGBilinearBilinear interpolator class
oCGCaldbCalibration database class
oCGCOMBvcCOMPTEL Solar System Barycentre Data class
oCGCOMBvcsCOMPTEL Solar System Barycentre Data container class
oCGCOMD1ResponseInterface for the COMPTEL D1 module response class
oCGCOMD2ResponseInterface for the COMPTEL D2 module response class
oCGCOMDriCOMPTEL Data Space class
oCGCOMDrisCOMPTEL Data Space container class
oCGCOMEventAtomCOMPTEL event atom class
oCGCOMEventBinCOMPTEL event bin class
oCGCOMEventCubeCOMPTEL event bin container class
oCGCOMEventListCOMPTEL event list class
oCGCOMHkdCOMPTEL Housekeeping Data container class
oCGCOMHkdsCOMPTEL Housekeeping Data collection class
oCGCOMIaqInterface for the COMPTEL instrument response representation class
oCGCOMInstCharsInterface for the COMPTEL Instrument Characteristics class
oCGCOMInstDirInterface for the COMPTEL instrument direction class
oCGCOMModelDRBPhibarBinsCOMPTEL DRB model Phibar bin fitting class
oCGCOMModelDRBPhibarNodesCOMPTEL DRB Phibar nodes model fitting class
oCGCOMOadCOMPTEL Orbit Aspect Data class
oCGCOMOadsCOMPTEL Orbit Aspect Data container class
oCGCOMObservationInterface class for COMPTEL observations
oCGCOMResponseInterface for the COMPTEL instrument response function
oCGCOMRoiCOMPTEL region of interest class
oCGCOMSelectionCOMPTEL selection set class
oCGCOMStatusCOMPTEL instrument status class
oCGCOMTimCOMPTEL Good Time Intervals class
oCGContainerInterface class for container classes
oCGCsvComma-separated values table class
oCGCTAAeffAbstract base class for the CTA effective area
oCGCTAAeff2DCTA 2D effective area class
oCGCTAAeffArfCTA ARF effective area class
oCGCTAAeffPerfTableCTA performance table effective area class
oCGCTABackgroundAbstract base class for the CTA background model
oCGCTABackground2DCTA 2D background class
oCGCTABackground3DCTA 3D background class
oCGCTABackgroundPerfTableCTA performance table background class
oCGCTACubeBackgroundCTA cube background class
oCGCTACubeEdispCTA energy dispersion for stacked analysis
oCGCTACubeExposureCTA exposure cube class
oCGCTACubePsfCTA point spread function for cube analysis
oCGCTACubeSourceCTA source cube base class
oCGCTAEdispAbstract base class for the CTA energy dispersion
oCGCTAEdisp2DCTA 2D energy dispersion class
oCGCTAEdispPerfTableCTA performance table energy dispersion class
oCGCTAEdispRmfCTA Redistribution Matrix File (RMF) energy dispersion class
oCGCTAEventAtomCTA event atom class
oCGCTAEventBinGCTAEventBin class interface definition
oCGCTAEventCubeCTA event bin container class
oCGCTAEventListCTA event list class
oCGCTAInstDirCTA instrument direction class
oCGCTAModelBackgroundBackground model class
oCGCTAModelCubeBackgroundCTA cube background model class
oCGCTAModelIrfBackgroundCTA IRF background model class
oCGCTAModelRadialAbstract radial acceptance model class
oCGCTAModelRadialAcceptanceRadial acceptance model class
oCGCTAModelRadialGaussRadial Gaussian CTA model class
oCGCTAModelRadialPolynomRadial Polynom CTA model class
oCGCTAModelRadialProfileRadial Profile CTA model class
oCGCTAModelRadialRegistryInterface definition for the CTA radial model registry class
oCGCTAModelSkyCubeCTA sky cube model class
oCGCTAModelSpatialAbstract spatial model class
oCGCTAModelSpatialGaussSpectrumSpatial energy dependent Gaussian model class
oCGCTAModelSpatialGradientSpatial gradient CTA model class
oCGCTAModelSpatialLookupSpatial lookup table model class
oCGCTAModelSpatialMultiplicativeMultiplicative spatial model class
oCGCTAModelSpatialRegistryInterface definition for the spatial model registry class
oCGCTAObservationCTA observation class
oCGCTAOnOffObservationCTA On/Off observation class
oCGCTAPointingCTA pointing class
oCGCTAPsfAbstract base class for the CTA point spread function
oCGCTAPsf2DCTA 2D point spread function class
oCGCTAPsfKingCTA point spread function class with a King profile
oCGCTAPsfPerfTableCTA performance table point spread function class
oCGCTAPsfTableCTA point spread function table class
oCGCTAPsfVectorCTA vector point spread function class
oCGCTAResponseCTA instrument response function class
oCGCTAResponseCubeCTA cube-style response function class
oCGCTAResponseIrfCTA instrument response function class
oCGCTAResponseTableCTA response table class
oCGCTARoiInterface for the CTA region of interest class
oCGDaemonDaemon class
oCGDerivativeNumerical derivatives class
oCGEboundsEnergy boundaries container class
oCGEnergiesEnergy container class
oCGEnergyClass that handles energies in a unit independent way
oCGEphemeridesEphemerides class
oCGEventAbstract interface for the event classes
oCGEventAtomAbstract interface for the event atom class
oCGEventBinAbstract interface for the event bin class
oCGEventCubeAbstract event bin container class
oCGEventListAbstract event atom container class
oCGEventsAbstract event container class
oCGExceptionInterface for exceptions
oCGExceptionHandlerInterface for exception handler
oCGFftFast Fourier Transformation class
oCGFftWavetableLookup table class for Fast Fourier Transformation
oCGFilenameFilename class
oCGFitsFITS file class
oCGFitsAsciiTableFITS ASCII table class
oCGFitsBinTableFITS binary table class
oCGFitsHDUAbstract FITS extension base class
oCGFitsHeaderInterface for FITS header class
oCGFitsHeaderCardImplements FITS header card interface
oCGFitsImageAbstract FITS image base class
oCGFitsImageByteFITS Byte image class
oCGFitsImageDoubleDouble precision FITS image class
oCGFitsImageFloatSingle precision FITS image class
oCGFitsImageLongLong integer FITS image class
oCGFitsImageLongLongLong long integer FITS image class
oCGFitsImageSByteSigned Byte FITS image class
oCGFitsImageShortShort integer FITS image class
oCGFitsImageULongUnsigned long image FITS class
oCGFitsImageUShortUnsigned short FITS image class
oCGFitsTableAbstract interface for FITS table
oCGFitsTableBitColFITS table Bit column
oCGFitsTableBoolColFITS table Boolean column
oCGFitsTableByteColFITS table Byte column
oCGFitsTableCDoubleColFITS table double complex column
oCGFitsTableCFloatColFITS table float complex column
oCGFitsTableColAbstract interface for FITS table column
oCGFitsTableDoubleColFITS table double column
oCGFitsTableFloatColFITS table float column
oCGFitsTableLongColFITS table long integer column
oCGFitsTableLongLongColFITS table long long integer column
oCGFitsTableShortColFITS table short integer column
oCGFitsTableStringColFITS table string column
oCGFitsTableULongColFITS table unsigned long integer column
oCGFitsTableUShortColFITS table unsigned short integer column
oCGFunctionSingle parameter function abstract base class
oCGFunctionsSingle parameter functions abstract base class
oCGGtiGood Time Interval class
oCGHealpixHealPix projection class interface definition
oCGHorizDirHorizontal (Alt/Az) direction class
oCGInstDirAbstract instrument direction base class
oCGIntegralGIntegral class interface definition
oCGIntegralsIntegration class for set of functions
oCGLATAeffInterface for the Fermi/LAT effective area
oCGLATEdispInterface for the Fermi LAT energy dispersion
oCGLATEfficiencyInterface for the Fermi/LAT efficiency factor functor
oCGLATEventAtomFermi/LAT event atom class
oCGLATEventBinFermi/LAT event bin class
oCGLATEventCubeFermi/LAT event cube class
oCGLATEventListFermi/LAT event list class
oCGLATInstDirFermi/LAT instrument direction class
oCGLATLtCubeInterface for the Fermi LAT livetime cube
oCGLATLtCubeMapFermi LAT livetime cube map class
oCGLATMeanPsfFermi/LAT mean PSF class
oCGLATObservationFermi/LAT observation class
oCGLATPsfInterface for the Fermi LAT point spread function
oCGLATPsfBaseAbstract Fermi/LAT point spread function base class
oCGLATPsfV1Fermi/LAT point spread function version 1 class
oCGLATPsfV3Fermi/LAT point spread function version 3 class
oCGLATResponseFermi/LAT Response class
oCGLATResponseTableInterface for the Fermi LAT Response table class
oCGLATRoiFermi/LAT region of interest class
oCGLogInformation logger interface definition
oCGMatrixGeneric matrix class definition
oCGMatrixBaseAbstract matrix base class interface definition
oCGMatrixSparseSparse matrix class interface definition
oCGMatrixSymmetricSymmetric matrix class interface definition
oCGModelAbstract model class
oCGModelAssociationModel association class
oCGModelAssociationsModel associations container class
oCGModelDataAbstract data model class
oCGModelParModel parameter class
oCGModelRegistryInterface definition for the model registry class
oCGModelsModel container class
oCGModelSkySky model class
oCGModelSpatialAbstract spatial model base class
oCGModelSpatialCompositeSpatial composite model
oCGModelSpatialDiffuseAbstract diffuse spatial model base class
oCGModelSpatialDiffuseConstIsotropic spatial model
oCGModelSpatialDiffuseCubeSpatial map cube model
oCGModelSpatialDiffuseMapSpatial map model
oCGModelSpatialEllipticalAbstract elliptical spatial model base class
oCGModelSpatialPointSourcePoint source spatial model
oCGModelSpatialRadialAbstract radial spatial model base class
oCGModelSpatialRadialGaussRadial Gaussian model class
oCGModelSpatialRadialGeneralGaussGeneralized radial Gaussian model class
oCGModelSpatialRegistryInterface definition for the spatial model registry class
oCGModelSpectralAbstract spectral model base class
oCGModelSpectralBinsSpectral bins model class
oCGModelSpectralBrokenPlawBroken power law spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralCompositeComposite spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralConstConstant spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralExpInvPlawExponential cut off power law spectral class
oCGModelSpectralExponentialExponential spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralExpPlawExponential cut off power law spectral class
oCGModelSpectralFuncSpectral function model class
oCGModelSpectralGaussGaussian spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralLogParabolaLogParabola spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralMultiplicativeMultiplicative spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralNodesSpectral nodes model class
oCGModelSpectralPlawPower law spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralPlawEnergyFluxEnergy flux normalized power law spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralPlawPhotonFluxPhoton flux normalized power law spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralRegistryInterface definition for the spectral model registry class
oCGModelSpectralSmoothBrokenPlawSmoothly broken power law spectral model class
oCGModelSpectralSuperExpPlawSuper exponential cut off power law spectral class
oCGModelSpectralTableSpectral table model class
oCGModelSpectralTableParSpectral table model parameter class
oCGModelSpectralTableParsSpectral table model parameter container class
oCGModelTemporalAbstract temporal model base class
oCGModelTemporalConstConstant temporal model class
oCGModelTemporalLightCurveLight curve model class
oCGModelTemporalPhaseCurveTemporal phase curve model class
oCGModelTemporalRegistryInterface definition for the temporal model registry class
oCGMWLDatumMulti-wavelength spectral point class
oCGMWLInstDirInterface for the Multi-wavelength instrument direction class
oCGMWLObservationInterface class for multi-wavelength observations
oCGMWLResponseMulti-wavelength response class
oCGMWLSpectrumMulti-wavelength spectrum class interface
oCGNdarrayN-dimensional array class
oCGNodeArrayNode array class
oCGObservationAbstract observation base class
oCGObservationRegistryInterface definition for the observation registry class
oCGObservationsObservation container class
oCGOptimizerAbstract optimizer abstract base class
oCGOptimizerFunctionOptimizer function abstract base class
oCGOptimizerLMLevenberg Marquardt optimizer class
oCGOptimizerParOptimizer parameter class
oCGOptimizerParsOptimizer parameter container class
oCGPhaPulse Height Analyzer class
oCGPhasesPhase Intervals class
oCGPhotonClass that handles photons
oCGPhotonsPhoton container class
oCGPulsarPulsar class
oCGPulsarEphemerisPulsar ephemeris class
oCGRanRandom number generator class
oCGRegistryInterface class for registries
oCGRegistryPointerSmart pointer for registry classes
oCGResponseAbstract instrument response base class
oCGResponseCacheResponse cache class
oCGResponseVectorCacheResponse vector cache class
oCGRmfRedistribution Matrix File class
oCGRoiInterface for the region of interest classes
oCGSkyDirSky direction class
oCGSkyDirsSky directions container class
oCGSkyMapSky map class
oCGSkyPixelSky map pixel class
oCGSkyProjectionAbstract sky projection base class
oCGSkyRegionAbstract interface for the sky region class
oCGSkyRegionCircleInterface for the circular sky region class
oCGSkyRegionMapInterface for a sky region map
oCGSkyRegionRectangleInterface for the rectangular sky region class
oCGSkyRegionsSky region container class
oCGSourceClass that handles gamma-ray sources
oCGSparseNumericSparse matrix numeric analysis class
oCGSparseSymbolicSparse matrix symbolic analysis class
oCGSPIEventBinINTEGRAL/SPI event bin class
oCGSPIEventCubeINTEGRAL/SPI event bin container class
oCGSPIInstDirINTEGRAL/SPI instrument direction class
oCGSPIModelDataSpaceINTEGRAL/SPI data space model
oCGSPIObservationINTEGRAL/SPI observation class
oCGSPIResponseINTEGRAL/SPI instrument response function class
oCGTestCaseTest class
oCGTestSuiteAbstract test suite class for unit testing on GammaLib fixtures
oCGTestSuitesTest suite container class
oCGTimeTime class
oCGTimeReferenceImplements a time reference
oCGTimesTime container class
oCGUrlAbstract URL base class
oCGUrlFileFile URL class
oCGUrlStringString URL class
oCGVectorVector class
oCGVOClientVO client class
oCGVOHubVO SAMP Hub class
oCGVOTableVOTable class
oCGWcsAbstract world coordinate system base class
oCGWcsAITAitoff (AIT) projection class definition
oCGWcsARCZenithal/azimuthal equidistant (ARC) projection class definition
oCGWcsAZPZenithal/azimuthal perspective (AZP) projection class definition
oCGWcsCARPlate carree (CAR) projection class definition
oCGWcsGLSGlobal Sinusoidal (GLS) projection class definition
oCGWcsMERMercator's (MER) projection class definition
oCGWcsMOLMollweide's projection class definition
oCGWcsRegistryInterface definition for the WCS registry class
oCGWcsSFLSanson-Flamsteed (SFL) projection class definition
oCGWcsSINOrthographic/synthesis (SIN) projection class definition
oCGWcsSTGStereographic (STG) projection class definition
oCGWcsTANGnomonic (TAN) projection class definition
oCGXmlXML class
oCGXmlAttributeXML attribute class
oCGXmlCommentXML comment node class
oCGXmlDocumentXML document node class
oCGXmlElementXML element node class
oCGXmlNodeAbstract XML node base class
oCGXmlPIXML Processing Instruction node class
\CGXmlTextXML text node class