ctools 1.6 release (29 May 2019)


ctools 1.6 is a major release that adds significant functionality.

In particular, this release provides:

  • Support for H.E.S.S. public data release analysis

  • Support for Xspec spectral analysis

  • Improved computation speed for ctskymap and csphagen

  • Parallelisation of various cscripts

  • Support for source variability searches

  • Support for Python pickeling

  • Code Generator to facilitate adding ctools and cscripts

Bug fixes


New features

Clean up

  • Move ctool::set_obs_bounds() to ctobservation::set_obs_bounds()

  • [2758] - CTA background rates are now per ontime

  • Remove ctools::is_valid_filename() method

  • [2054] - Remove ctools::time_reference constant