ctools is a software package developed for the scientific analysis of Cherenkov telescope data, such as H.E.S.S., MAGIC, VERITAS or CTA.

ctools comprises a set of ftools-like binary executables and Python scripts with a command-line interface allowing for interactive step-wise data analysis. ctools includes also Python modules to control all tools and scripts from within Python. Creation of shell or Python scripts and pipelines is supported as well.

ctools are based on GammaLib, a versatile toolbox for the scientific analysis of astronomical gamma-ray data. GammaLib supports the analysis of H.E.S.S., MAGIC, VERITAS, CTA, Fermi/LAT, CGRO/COMPTEL and INTEGRAL/SPI data. GammaLib supports in particular the combination of data from different instruments in a true joint multi-wavelength analysis that consistently handles the response of each instrument. An interface to virtual observatory resources does also exist.

ctools are developed by a community of enthousiastic gamma-ray astronomers with support from engineers. The lead institute is


As of today there have been contributions by the following institutions:


We regularily organise coding sprints where key developers but also newcomers meet to discuss the developments and next steps, and advance with the coding of the software.

ctools is free software distributed under the GNU GPL license version 3