Copies IACT data from one location to another


This script allows to download IACT data from a remote machine. The remote file system has to be mounted before running the script. For mounting, e.g. sshfs can be used:

$ sshfs user@remote.server.com:/path/to/remote/fits /path/to/mountpoint/

The script can optionally take an ASCII file with a list of observation IDs as input. In this way the user can copy only a specific subset of the data. Index files and data structure is updated accordingly by the script.

In case the copying procedure failed due to e.g. a broken connection, the script can be executed again using the parameter clobber=no. Thus files that were already copied don’t get recopied and overwritten which saves time.

In order to monitor the progress on the screen, the script can be executed with the hidden parameter debug=yes

General parameters

remote_master [file]
Location of remote master file
prodname [string]
Name of FITS production to download
outpath [file]
Destination path of FITS data
(runlist = NONE) [file]
List of observation IDs

Standard parameters

(chatter = 2) [integer]
Verbosity of the executable:

chatter = 0: no information will be logged

chatter = 1: only errors will be logged

chatter = 2: errors and actions will be logged

chatter = 3: report about the task execution

chatter = 4: detailed report about the task execution

(clobber = yes) [boolean]
Specifies whether existing output files should be overwritten.
(debug = no) [boolean]
Enables debug mode. In debug mode the executable will dump any log file output to the console.
(mode = ql) [string]
Mode of automatic parameters (default is ql, i.e. “query and learn”).
(logfile = csiactdload.log) [filename]
Log filename.