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GIntegral.cpp File Reference

Integration class implementation. More...

#include <cmath>
#include <vector>
#include <algorithm>
#include "GIntegral.hpp"
#include "GException.hpp"
#include "GTools.hpp"

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#define G_ROMBERG   "GIntegral::romberg(double&, double&, int&)"
#define G_TRAPZD   "GIntegral::trapzd(double&, double&, int&, double)"
#define G_POLINT   "GIntegral::polint(double*, double*, int, double, double*)"


const double gammalib::gkx1 [5]
const double gammalib::gkw10 [5]
const double gammalib::gkx2 [5]
const double gammalib::gkw21a [5]
const double gammalib::gkw21b [6]
const double gammalib::gkx3 [11]
const double gammalib::gkw43a [10]
const double gammalib::gkw43b [12]
const double gammalib::gkx4 [22]
const double gammalib::gkw87a [21]
const double gammalib::gkw87b [23]

Detailed Description

Integration class implementation.

Juergen Knoedlseder

Definition in file GIntegral.cpp.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define G_POLINT   "GIntegral::polint(double*, double*, int, double, double*)"

Definition at line 38 of file GIntegral.cpp.

Referenced by GIntegral::polint().

#define G_ROMBERG   "GIntegral::romberg(double&, double&, int&)"

Definition at line 36 of file GIntegral.cpp.

Referenced by GIntegral::romberg().

#define G_TRAPZD   "GIntegral::trapzd(double&, double&, int&, double)"

Definition at line 37 of file GIntegral.cpp.

Referenced by GIntegral::trapzd().